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About Us


Creative Learnings commenced its operations in the year 2002 on February 2, 2002 (02-02-2002) a unique date as an HR Intervention and Training Company.

During these years of operations, it has established itself as a premier consulting and training organisation in the areas of HR, Soft Skills, Sales Maximization, Customer Relationship Management and Business Process Improvement & Personal Effectiveness.


Creative Learnings is now well known name for its innovative, blended, highly customized learning solutions in the areas of Behaviour, Soft Skills, Sales and Marketing, HR and Attitudes.


The company comprises a team of professionals with considerable experience in their respective professional fields and training.


Over the years, Creative Learnings has also steadily grown building its reputation on excellence in Empowering people in the areas of right Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.


Creative Learnings has forged strategic alliances with leading training companies in the above mentioned areas. Together with our partners, we are equipped to analyse situations, recommend a strategy and implement it to help our clients’ meet their objectives.


Creative Learnings is, thus, geared to take up, from concept to completion, all sorts of training and HR Intervention assignments.


The Creative Learnings team is led by RAVI ARORA who had a long stint with Escorts Limited before venturing into Creative Learnings.


Why Creative Learnings ?


Creative Learnings is a total solutions organisation offering training and consulting solutions in several areas which impact customer loyalty and the bottom-line of an organisation.


The key areas of capacity building are:

  • Customer Service

  • Leadership Effectiveness

  • Selling Skills

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Personal Effectiveness

In fact it offers a comprehensive set of services to its clients. It partners its client organizations in helping their employees ‘learn’ the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes with the objective of winning and retaining customers.


Our Approach


 To us Training is not just an activity of HR but a process of change that should contribute to the 

 bottom-line of an organisation either through winning and retaining customers or through enhanced



 Therefore, all our training programmes have effective post-training follow-up design so as to  ensure

 learning is translated into action at work-place.


Effectiveness of training is demonstrated through compiling success stories that are validated by  concerned line managers of the organisation.


All our highly blended training programmes therefore ensure high degree of Returns On Training Investment (ROTI) 

Building Differentials


Creative Learnings build differentials by empowering employees through :

  • Right Knowledge

  • Righ Skills

  • Right Attitude

         - to win and retain customers

         - for higher productivity

Our USPs

  • Vibrant presentation through Catchy Slides

  • Learning with pleasure

  • Role plays, real life case studies

  • Highly interactive sessions through simple Hindi / English / Punjabi / Local Language
    Delhi & NCR Region, Soft Skills Training, Sales Training, Trainers, Behavioural Training, Attitudanal Training
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    Ravi Arora
    Website - http://way2success.co.in